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At MSR-FSR we view our employees as the lifeblood of our company. We affectionately refer to the organization as ‘this thing of ours’. We are an inclusive, collaborative, results driven organization that values the diversity of our employees’ backgrounds and characteristics. Our employees enjoy fast-paced challenging careers across a wide range of high-tech mission critical market segments. At MSR-FSR, we encourage our employees to reach their full potential in pursuing their careers with exciting opportunities across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.


All MSR-FSR Employees are provided a competitive benefits package ensuring our employees, families, and communities are well taken care of and happy in their work-life balance. We at MSR-FSR recognize that our employees hard work, and dedication are the reason for our success.

Medical Insurance
Long Term Disability Insurance
Dental Insurance
401(k) Retirement Plan
Vision Insurance
Paid Time Off
Life Insurance
Paid Holidays
Short Term Disability Insurance

MSR-FSR is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or any other legally protected status.

We invite you to join ‘this thing of ours’ at MSR-FSR to build and advance your career in an exciting and rewarding high-tech market segment to help deliver best-in-class technical solutions and services to our clients.

Our 600+ employees are dedicated to the global technology revolution.

What we do at MSR-FSR changes the world. MSR-FSR indirectly touches the chips that go into every smartphone and every smart car, and are used in deploying the power of artificial intelligence in almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Why work at MSR-FSR?

With the rapidly advancing industry we work in and the outstanding team we have assembled, MSR-FSR is an exciting, dynamic place to be. We are committed to continuous innovation, challenging the status quo and exceeding customer expectations every single day.

As a MSR-FSR employee, you will be encouraged to thrive as an individual and as a valuable member of a supportive team. You will enjoy a competitive benefits program. And, with offices across the globe, you will be part of an organization that values diversity and inclusion.
If you are a team player with a relentless drive to succeed and a strong focus on delivering customer satisfaction – join us!

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These values are central to our corporate culture and unite us in how we approach our customers, suppliers, our communities, and each other. Our success is grounded in our collective commitment to these core values.

Satisfied employeesEmployees are our most important asset CaringIntegrity & respect
RibbonRelentless drive to succeed IdeaCritical thinking
HandshakeEffective teamwork ScalesStrategic balance

Improving Your Productivity with Our Proprietary Performance Coatings

To address the high cost of advanced nodes, chipmakers are seeking new ways to increase yield and tool availability. Chamber management, particularly particle performance, is critical to optimizing the manufacturing process. Longer preventative maintenance (PM) cycles can be achieved by reducing part corrosion for etch processes and increasing adhesion for deposition processes such as PVD. Coating applications to a part can extend the Mean Time Between Cleans (MTBC). Advanced coatings are increasingly being implemented to deliver lower cost-of-ownership (COO) while delivering excellent process performance.



Our advanced coatings for semiconductor processes are tailored to the requirements of our customers. This portfolio of coating materials, techniques and knowledge allows us to custom design solutions that balance performance with costs.

To maintain a clean process environment, PVD chambers require adhesion of excess sputtered material to exposed part surfaces. Greater adherence means thicker films can accumulate on the part surface, thereby reducing the frequency of PM. Since residual stress depends on the material (e.g., Ti, TiN, W), optimization of the coating is critical. Arc spray technology enables the application of aluminum and other metal/alloy coatings to the part substrate, delivering a barrier layer with the required surface roughness for the deposited material to adhere. To reduce the recycle loop turnaround time, our Environmentally Clean Process (ECP) removes the deposition and existing coating in an environmentally safe manner while closely maintaining the part dimension. ECP cleaning extends part lifetime, lowering overall COO.

Halogen-containing plasmas in etch not only pattern the wafer; but, they also react with chamber parts. To address this, our advanced coatings provide more uniform and higher quality coatings to increase part lifetime and reduce particles. Chambers utilizing coated parts have higher uptime and wafer output. Traditionally, the industry used yttria (Y2O3) to protect plasma-exposed part surfaces; however, newer coatings improve barrier performance and reduce post-PM chamber seasoning and qualification time. Our advanced coating technology uses proprietary applications and the most advanced thermal spray technology.

All coatings are completed by our computer-controlled robots and are monitored via SPC parameters to ensure specifications are consistently met.

As we continue to pursue new technologies and materials to enhance performance, our knowledgeable engineering team can create advanced customized coating solutions for our customers.