MSR-FSR Analytics


MSR-FSR In House Labs

MSR-FSR has an array of advanced automated and manual metrology tools selected for surface characterization and measurement of critical-to-function parameters.

The analytical and characterization data generated are used to support qualification of new processes, first article inspections (FAI) of newly manufactured parts, continuous improvement projects (CIP – yield / efficiency / process) and Failure Analysis which we also offer as a stand-alone product offering.


Technical Development

  • MSR-FSR’s Engineering Team has driven Advanced Deposition Removal Technologies to Reduce the Cost of Ownership to our Customers by applying proprietary selective strip solutions that remove deposition with little to no erosion to substrate thus extending part life.

    MSR-FSR’s deployment of its Next Generation Final Clean Technology aligns with the stringent cleanliness requirements of the most advanced device nodes.  A repeatable product is achieved for our Customers by progressive in-line cleanliness validation coupled with uninterrupted cleanroom processing.  MSR-FSR’s Final Clean Technology satisfies multiple OEMs ’ requirements for total cleanroom processing environment for critical chamber components through the entirety of the final clean process.


SPC Tracking & Reporting

  • Critical facility environmental parameters are measured and analyzed in real-time using SPC software.

    Additionally, MSR-FSR measures various part specific critical-to-function parameters including 3D dimensions, roughness, coatings integrity, gas hole diameters and others. MSR-FSR applies SPC data analysis and modeling to support our data-driven Predictive Part Lifetime strategy benefiting our customers’ supply chains.