Precision Parts Cleaning


Parts Clean & Refurbishment

Materials Support Resources has been supporting clients in the High Technology Sector since 1996.

Our services include selective chemistry de-contamination, refurbishment, repair, and rebuilding of process critical high-value semiconductor components and equipment where ultra-low trace residuals (trace metals, anions/cations, VOC’s) are process-critical.  We offer these services both at our globally positioned facilities and onsite at our customers’ facilities.

We work with our clients to identify parts and equipment where our services can be applied to increase yield and save the customer green-to-green time and money.  MSR-FSR’s advanced cleaning technology are designed to prolong the lifespan of the parts and to reduce the impact of unexpected failure supporting our Predictive Maintenance philosophy.


Process Areas Supported

  • ALD – Shield kits, Valves, Gas Lines
  • Diffusion – SiC/Quarts kits
  • EPI – Quartz
  • Etch / Ash – Quartz chamber kits, Stainless, Valves, Anodized Aluminum, Quartz, Ceramics
  • CVD / PVD – Shield kits, Chucks, GDP
  • MOCVD–Shield kits, Valves, Gas Lines
  • Implant – Graphite, Ceramics, Bushings, Beamline Assembly, Rebuilds
  • CMP – Heads, Conditioning
  • Subfab – Abatement systems, heads, Forelines, Exhaust, Pumps, Valves
  • Wet processing – Chemical pumps, Probes
  • Lithography – Coater, Developer cups, BARC, SLAM, Probes
  • Automation
  • Much more….

MSR-FSR is factory authorized by some of the worlds largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers and their sub- suppliers. Processes include cleaning of Implant parts and assemblies, etch process kits, CVD and  ALD chamber kits , abatement systems, and newly manufactured parts.


ANSWER™ Software

ANSWER™ is a shop control system designed in-house allowing state-of the-art Process Control, Traceability, and Efficiency

ANSWER™ Benefits:

  • Automated data logging of environmental parameters to work-orders with live alerts
  • Automated analysis of plant efficiencies, equipment PM , calibrations
  • Web Portal for customer access to parts status, parts data, and NC disposition