MSR-FSR is a well-established provider of Quartz Repair services with over 35 years’ experience in the Quartz industry. Our new state-of-the-art operation offers repair, re-flame, refurbish, anneal and cleaning of a range of Quartz products, with best-in-class quality.

Quartz Decontamination & Cleaning

MSR-FSR’s expansion into quartz comes as a result of our extensive experience in the decontamination and refurbishment of semiconductor components and tools. This experience has exposed us to thousands of types of high value complex parts of various material types.

Our R&D function develops decontamination & cleaning specifications for each individual part. Each specification requiring formal development, submission through a change control process, and approval at Director level.

Our facilities are fitted out with the latest ultrasonic baths, baking ovens, chemical benches and serviced with clean dry air , high purity nitrogen, and high purity de-ionized water. Class 10 clean rooms, equipped with continuous particle monitoring systems, are used for the final inspection and packaging of all quartz components.

Quartz Repair

MSR-FSR is a well established provider of Quartz Repair services with over 35 years experience in the Quartz industry. Our objective is to help our customer realize savings on their spares budget by offering them the option of repairing their valuable quartzware which would otherwise be scrapped.
Our new state-of-the-art, on-site operation offers repair, re-flame, refurbish, anneal and cleaning of a range of Quartz products, with best-in-class quality, and an emphasis on lowest available lead times in the market.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Semiconductor EPI Quartzware for 200mm and 300mm systems for the Major Tool OEM’s systems that dominate this space
  • Diffusion repairs such as Tube, Pedestals, Boats and Tanks
  • ETCH repairs – Rings, Sleeves, Ash chambers and Bell Jars, Top plates
  • Optical Systems – Transmission windows and plates – re-polish and second source of synthetic quartz windows
  • Horizontal systems – we support universities, colleges and R&D facilities by repairing or replacing be-spoke pieces

We support leading blue-chip semiconductor manufacturers in realizing cost saving opportunities through the services we have perfected.

Quartz Flame Polish

Quartz Flame Polishing

Quartz ware fabrication, repair and flame polishing is an art, requiring extensively trained and highly talented individuals. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring the best people in the industry together to offer our customers the best service.

Quartz Flame Polishing Benefits

  • Eliminates the generation of SiO2 particles into the process caused by etching, through the re-homogenization of the internal surfaces of the chamber/tube.
  • Removal of contaminants through the etching and flame polishing process steps.
  • Eliminates chips and cracks – ensuring the structural integrity of the part.
  • Returns the part back to the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Specifications.
  • Quicker and less costly than replacement with a new part.
  • Reduces thermal stress through several annealing steps reducing the risk of implosion or catastrophic part failure under vacuum in the tool.